Let people know your products are available via CLF


To help you easily and clearly let people know that your products are available through CLF, we have our logo image available for download. We have a few simple guidelines to help give it the clearest presentation on black or white backgrounds.



Logos For Light or Dark Backgrounds

These logos are for use on any backgrounds. Small has full transparancy. Large png has a white box with transparancy. Large jpg has a white background, and large ai is a vector logo with a white box and scalable.





Logo Guidelines



  • Use our logo unmodified. You can rescale it as needed.
  • Make sure the text is in the exact positions it appears in.
  • Allow for spacing around the logo to ensure it doesn't meet any edges of a page, or border.


  • Turn it into a speech bubble.
  • Rotate the logo in any way.
  • Change the colours of the logo.
  • Use any other marks or logos to represent our brand.

Text Details


Please use the new, up to date, CLF company details as needed.


CLF Distribution Ltd

210 Mauretania Road

Nursling Industrial Estate



SO16 0YS


Tel: (023) 8127 7000

Email: info@clfdistribution.com

Website: www.clfdistribution.com