TOTE Box System

  Re-usable Tote Boxes - added value from CLF!  

CLF have introduced the use of Tote Boxes for its customers, as part of the Company's continued commitment to reduce its environmental impact and carbon footprint of delivery boxes and the packaging available. It's important that we all take responsibility for the environment around us, helping to reduce waste wherever and whenever possible.


The Tote Box Service is one way to help your store do its bit when ordering through CLF. By taking advantage of this free of charge CLF Tote Box service for your deliveries you can save time and money on the disposal of packaging.


  TOTE Benefits:  
  • Satisfying our customer's demands
  • Better ergonomics for employees
    • Improved worker safety
  • Reduce waste
    • No cardboard boxes
  • Reduced waste management costs
    • Less labour required preparing waste for
      recycling or disposal
  • Better product protection during transport
    • Less product damage
  • Longer useful life of packaging
  • Reduced greenhouse gas emissions
    • Reduced carbon footprint
  • Totes made from 100% recyclable material
  • Helps contribute to national waste diversion goals

  • DIMENSIONS: 80cm long x 40cm wide x 45cm high

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